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  • Jim Villamor| General Manager

    With Integrity Australia (WIA) started in Double Bay, Australia. We take pride in bringing you our 100% Australian Made, Allergy Free Soy Wax Candles, with up to 40 hours of burn time, no chemicals and beautiful fragrances that will uplift your senses with a pure and clean candle made with love and healing benefits.


    In 2013 Jim Villamor and Stephane Champagne both personal and professional partners went through a very challenging time in their lives. Jim began suffering from depression and anxiety with chronic health issues after a tramatuc car accident and Stephane was diagnose with Tourette's Syndrome. The impact of this on both their lives was quite tremendous and overwhelming. It was a very dark and challenging time in their lives (as individualls and partners) as they travelled through a 2 year recovery period. During this process they both found their deepest spirutual and emotional strengthes to reevaluate their lives and began making the necessary changes to live a more authentic and happier life.

    Sharing their values of compassion  and respect they both made a commitment to spread a message of “love and light” by making allergy free, soy wax candles. After learning about all of the added toxins and chemicals that were  found in most store bought candles they made a commitment to produce a high quality, chemical free, affordable  luxury candle  with no artificial dyes or other harmful ingredients that were 100% handmade in Australia.


  • Stephane Champagne| Sales/Marketing/Events

    WIA Candles began developing their unique candle range to sell and export to China, Japan, Korea, and many other countries that they felt woukd truly benefit from the beautiful, natural and pure energy that is iconic and uniquely Australia.

    After receiving the Made In Australia License in April 2016 WIA Candles launched their first products at the Chinatown Markets with great success and still continue to trade there every Friday night from 4pm-11pm in order to build and maintain their ever growing Chinese networks both locally and internationally.

    Both Jim and Stephane travelled to New York City in August 2016 to attend the New York Now Expo where they introduced their WIA Candles to over 9000 other exhibitors and retail clients.

    In February of 2017 WIA exhibited for the first time at the AGHA Home and Gift Expo in Sydney which will platformed their colourful and expanding homeware brands to a much larger audience.

    With gratitude and patience they learn more, laugh more and love more every day which they feel has already made them a successful business.


    In Love & Light

    Jim & Stephane

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