WIA Candles specialises in producing custom made, designed and packaged candles for special events or occasions, corporate gifts, companies, day spas, hotels, sole traders, brands, weddings, fundraising opportunities, fashion labels and much more.

At WIA Candles our process is to customise the perfect candles that suit your individual or company needs. We work with each customer every step of the way and will contact any enquirers within 48 hours to arrange a personal consultation either via phone, Skype, FaceTime or face to face if applicable in order to learn more about your customised candle needs, ideas and specific requirements. All pricing and procedures will be provided during each individual consultation depending on suiting your needs.

  • Having suffered asthma and allergies for years I found the integral hypo allergic and non toxics benefits of WIA Soy CANDLES that I now burn within my home and workplace without the usual harmful affects that have caused me health problems for years.

    Michelle Edinger

  • The owners of WIA Candles surprised with there wonderful range of soy candles at my 50th birthday in February. Not only were they beautifully designed and packaged but the quality and intention behind their brand added so much love and light into my 50 year heart on the night I will never forget it.

    Michelle McLeod

  • I am a lover of candles and have been for a long time. As a working DJ in Sydney and Melbourne I spend a lot of time away from my home surrounded by crowds of people, loud music and in high levels environments. After being gifted a FRANKINCENSE Scented WIA Candle in December I immediately recognised and began using their candle to help me relax, recharge and energise myself after quite intense and tiring weekends to prevent burnout. Fatigue and a healthy mind and spirit. WIA candles each day keep the doctors away.

    John O'Brien Conroy

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