100% Australian Made

In keeping to our intrinsic value of integrity on the 28th May of 2016 WIA Candles submitted a very detailed licensing application to the Australian Made Campaign Ltd in order for them to assess, evaluate and measure our overall business in order to include the Made In Australia Logo on all our WIA Candle products.

We are pleased to announce that our application was approved on the 7th of June 2016 and now WIA Candles hold a valid licence to use the Made In Australia Logo on all of our Love & Light candle products.

We highly encourage other small/medium or large Australian businesses owners to do the same if you share our commitment to help build, grow and export Australian Made products. We also encourages others to help and support the many Australian business suppliers within this country to not only help grow our own economy but build a greater global export reputation and options for our many amazing and unique businesses. For more information visit www.australianmade.com.au